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Professional Painting Contractor Services In Fort Lauderdale

When you are searching for a professional Fort Lauderdale painting contractor, come to the professionals at Precision Painting & Waterproofing where the project will receive top quality finishes and premium products every time. We strive to ensure your painting projects are handled with the highest level of professionalism and that your home or commercial space turns out beautifully.

Refreshing your home or business with our quality residential painting services will give you a renewed sense of pride over your property. You've invested a lot into the property already, so it only makes sense to keep it well preserved. Pressure washing, painting, waterproofing and many of our other specialty services can help keep your home looking great for years to come. Call on the professionals at Precision Painting & Waterproofing today for the best residential painting services in the Fort Lauderdale area!

Interior Painting

Fort Lauderdale Interior Painting

Interior painting in the Fort Lauderdale area is going to bring about a drastic change for your home or commercial business. In order to ensure the changes are good, hire professionals like ours here at Precision Painting & Waterproofing to get the professional finish you're looking for. Your interior needs a special touch by painting craftsmen who love to paint so give us a call today.

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Exterior Painting

Fort Lauderdale Exterior Painting

The exterior painting services help you to not only beautify the exterior of your commercial or residential property, they also help you to protect your exterior building materials. Quality paint that's meant to last can add years of life and beauty onto your exterior siding and woodwork. For a beautiful new exterior that you're proud to show off, let us help you enhance your curb appeal!

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Commercial Painting

Fort Lauderdale Commercial Painting

Precision Painting & Waterproofing specializes in small commercial painting projects for the Fort Lauderdale area. If you own a commercial office, clinic, retail, or other business that needs a fresh new paint job, you'll want to ensure you have professional results that will be attractive to your customers or tenants. When quality matters, call Precision Painting & Waterproofing!

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Faux Finishes

Fort Lauderdale Faux Finishes

Faux finishes take skill and experience to get right. Whether you need to match your current faux finish or would like something new and refreshing, we can help you bring drama and interest to your home or commercial property's interior or exterior. Applying faux finishes is something we do every day. Our painting professionals can give you beautiful finishes that you'll love!

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Wood Staining

Fort Lauderdale Wood Staining

We can stain and refinish all your woodwork from flooring to intricately detailed woodwork in or on your home's exterior architecture to decks, porches, docks, and fences. Wood staining and refinishing will bring back the luster and beauty of your home's wood surfaces whether indoors or outdoors. We have beautiful stains ready for your and great options in sealants.

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If you are looking for a Fort Lauderdale painting contractor then please call Precision Painting & Waterproofing at 954-667-3766 or complete our online request form.

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