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Experienced Fort Lauderdale Painting Company
Precision Painting & Waterproofing Specializes in Exterior Painting & Commercial Painting Services

It is important to hire licensed & insured painting contractors

As the Fort Lauderdale painting contractors of choice for home owners and construction professionals, Precision Painting & Waterproofing strives to deliver a first class level of professionalism and the highest quality results, regardless of project size. If it’s just a wall, or the entire mall, Precision’s team will take exceptional care of you.

For most people, Real Estate holdings are your most valuable asset and prized possession...so we suggest you do everything possible to protect it! Hiring a professional contractor that is fully licensed and insured is VERY important! Cutting corners to save a few bucks now could prove to be a costly mistake in the long run!

exterior painting
Exterior Painting
commercial painting
Commercial Painting
interior painting
Interior Painting

You Can Trust
Our Properly Licensed & Insured Painters

Painting your home or commercial property will add tremendous value. Not only will the property be more appealing, maintaining the protective finishes will keep it looking great for years to come.

Precision recommends using only the highest quality products. We provide our employees with premium rollers (to ensure a proper finish), higher end drop cloths (to avoid leaks) and Sherwin Williams Premium paints (for better protection and a longer lifespan). We will paint with whatever suits your need and budget, but prefer using the best products available to achieve the highest quality results.

Our team keeps the focus on developing long term, meaningful relationships with our clients and the community. We believe every painting project is an opportunity to serve the area we were proudly raised, live work and play. Precision offers a unique and personalized service for every customer with the goal to give you peace of mind and a beautiful home or commercial space you will be proud of.

What Makes
Precision Painting & Waterproofing Different

Precision Painting & Waterproofing is a company of professional painting contractors serving the Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas with decades of experience in the pressure washing and painting industry. At Precision Painting & Waterproofing, our customers are served with professionalism and expertise.

Our painting contractors at Precision Painting & Waterproofing are passionate about their craft and believe in helping homeowners beautify their homes and commercial interiors and exteriors with quality finishes that also serve to protect and guard from moisture and the elements we face regularly in the Fort Lauderdale area.

We strive to provide quality painting work as well as sealants and treatments to guard against unhealthy organisms like algae, mold and mildew.

Precision Painting & Waterproofing focuses on developing a quality relationship with you as our customers, our community, and the environment. We believe that every painting project is an opportunity to serve the area we live and work in too. By offering you unique and personalized services for every job, we can achieve the goal of giving you the peace of mind and beautiful home or commercial space you can be proud of.

For the best in Fort Lauderdale area painting and specialty coatings to protect areas like the roof, siding, concrete flooring, metal, woodwork, decks, fences, garage floors, walls, driveways, and more, call Precision Painting & Waterproofing today!

Exterior Painting

The exterior painting services help you to not only beautify the exterior of your commercial or residential property, they also help you to protect your exterior building materials. Quality paint that's meant to last can add years of life and beauty onto your exterior siding and woodwork. For a beautiful new exterior that you're proud to show off, let us help you enhance your curb appeal!

Commercial Painting

Precision Painting & Waterproofing specializes in small commercial painting projects for the Fort Lauderdale area. If you own a commercial office, clinic, retail, or other business that needs a fresh new paint job, you'll want to ensure you have professional results that will be attractive to your customers or tenants. When quality matters, call Precision Painting & Waterproofing!


Fort Lauderdale Waterproofing Services are available at Precision Painting & Waterproofing for for local area homes and commercial buildings. Waterproofing can be done for your roof, balcony, deck, siding, and more.

Pressure Washing

It's time to clean your property thoroughly with the right technique in pressure washing that's safe for your building materials. Get the dirt, leaves, tree branches, debris, soot and air pollution power washed away!

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